Long-Term Leasing

Tailoring the Relationship to Your Needs

Concierge Properties understands that different owners have different ways of managing properties. Concierge Properties is pleased to provide comprehensive 24/7 property management that includes everything from home preparation through advertising, tenant screening, document execution, rent collection, maintenance, and accounting. For owners comfortable with handling the on-going management but wanting support in placing high-quality tenants, our Tenant Placement Program fits the bill.

Preparing Your Home to Come to Market

We closely study the leasing market by doing an analysis of active inventory in your area, comparing that to recently leased properties and using this analysis to determine a competitive leasing price. Prior to advertising your home, we will walk through the home to provide helpful instructions to prepare your property for tenants.

Marketing and Advertising Designed to Deliver Results

Technology makes all the difference in ensuring that properties are effectively marketed to reach the right set of tenant prospects. Concierge Properties is committed to using professional-grade photography for all properties. Website syndication will maximize your property’s exposure.

Thorough Tenant Screening and Selection

Concierge Properties uses a numeric Tenant Evaluation for each of its tenant prospects.  In addition to running credit scores, we analyze employment history,  landlord references, income/asset verification and previous rental history. 

Leases Done to the Letter of the Law

Concierge Properties uses the Arizona Association of REALTORS® contracts that adhere to the Arizona Revised Statutes and the Arizona Administrative Code.

Electronic Rent Collection and Owner Distributions

Concierge Properties is committed to using technology to ensure that rent collection and owner disbursements do not rely on the USPS. Our tenant portal makes payments foolproof. Our owner portal allows owners to view account activity real-time. Our direct deposit of rental proceeds to an owner’s bank account ensures timely payments each month.

Comprehensive Accounting

Our account services include:

    • Securing and monitoring your exclusive account
    • Rent and fee collection
    • Negotiating bids and paying invoices to service providers and contractors
    • Monthly statements (available on-line)
    • Year-end owner income and expense statements
    • Budgeting and reserve management

Repair and Preventative Maintenance

Property management requires two types of maintenance:  issues that arise during the normal course of tenancy and preventative maintenance required on a periodic basis to preserve your asset. Concierge Properties works with vetted, reliable, licensed and insured vendors to ensure that all maintenance issues are addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Further, if an owner has established a relationship with vendors, Concierge Properties will engage those vendors.

We also provide

Seasonal Rental Services